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If you are a returning customer, please provide us with your Order ID or the email/name used to place the order.

Our team is available Monday - Fridays, 8am to 5pm ET. We are not available on weekends or US statuary holidays.

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FAQs and Answers

Unable to login (DIY - 2 minutes)

By default, most customers place subscriptions as a Guest user.

If you received an error that says your account doesn't exist with us, then you just need to finish creating your account.

1. Create your account using the same email as the one used in your subscription order. Create account here.

2. Once your account's created, you'll be able to login and view your previously ordered subscriptions. You'll also be able to access and manage your subscription.

Cancel, pause or resume a subscription (DIY - 2 minutes)

We have a no hassle cancellation policy. Cancel, pause or resume your subscription by following the steps below:

1. Search your email inbox for an email with the subject "Your Ad Intent subscription was created"

2. Click on 'View Subscription'

3. At the bottom right corner, click on "Cancel my subscription', 'Pause my subscription', or 'Resume my subscription'

Update payment method (DIY - 1 minute)

1. Search for our email titled "Your Ad Intent subscription was created"

2. Click on the "View Subscription" button

3. At the bottom right corner next to "Payment method", click the "Edit" button

Upgrade/downgrade a subscription (Answered)

To upgrade or downgrade your plan, you'll need to send us an email using our contact form.

Please be sure to:

1. Specify which plan you'd like to upgrade to

2. Specify any changes to your URL or keywords

For example:

I'd like to change to the 300/day Standard+ plan. My new URL will be, and my new keywords are keyword1, keyword2, keyword3

Plan upgrades/downgrades are made within 48 hours and take effect on your next renewal cycle.

Troubleshoot traffic issues (Answered)

Customers most commonly mistake sales for traffic. Our plans guarantee a set number of daily visitors to your site, but we cannot guarantee a set number of daily sales.

On the rare occasion that you're not receiving traffic from your subscription, please send us a screenshot of the Analytics page of your Shopify store showing traffic over the last 30 days to

Once we can verify that you're having traffic issues, our team will be able to fix it within 48 hours. This typically involves rebuilding your campaign at no cost to you.

Keyword or URL changes (Answered)

Please provide us with the new URL or keywords you'd like us to use, our support team will be able to update your subscription for you.

Your new keywords/URLs take effect on your next renewal cycle.

How does Ad Intent work? (Answered)

Ad Intent operates an ad exchanges that aggregates display ad networks.

When you place an order, our ad exchange automatically matches your campaign to one of our ad network partners, who'll deliver and fulfill your traffic campaign.

For a detailed description of how our process works, read our explainer guide here.