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About Us

Ad Intent is an marketing company that specializes in helping Shopify store owners grow their business. With easy to use plans, Ad Intent offers targeted traffic solutions to help businesses increase their online visibility and reach their target audience effectively.

Our Values

At Ad Intent, we believe in the value of our people and excellence. We understand that what we do is complex and challenging, which is why we foster an inclusive environment where ambitious individuals come together, share their ideas, and shape their career paths.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to deliver creative and competitive projects, ensuring that our clients achieve something bigger than themselves. We are committed to providing reliable and high-quality traffic that is guaranteed effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Our History

Founded in 2017 in San Francisco, Ad Intent has quickly become a trusted name in the eCommerce industry. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to offer targeted traffic solutions that help businesses increase their online visibility and reach their target audience effectively.

Join us at Ad Intent and let us help you drive your online success. Together, we can achieve greatness.



Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Ad Intent. We don't have specific openings at the moment but are always looking for talented individuals who can contribute to our mission of providing targeted and reliable website traffic solutions to businesses.


If you believe you would be a good fit for our team, we invite you to submit your resume to Along with your resume, please include a brief blurb explaining why you would be a valuable addition to our team.


At Ad Intent, we value individuals who are passionate about the digital marketing industry and have a strong understanding of website traffic strategies. We are looking for team members who are dedicated, detail-oriented, and have excellent communication skills.

Thank you again for considering Ad Intent as your next career opportunity. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our team.