Why do I not see traffic?

This post explains why you might not be seeing traffic on your website.

First, determine if your website is supported.

Supported Sites:

We support most websites including custom websites, Shopify websites, WordPress websites, Squarespace websites, Etsy stores, eBay stores and many more.

Not Supported Sites:

We do not support these websites: Amazon or Walmart product pages, YouTube or other social media platforms, streaming websites like Twitch, or any website that hosts malicious software or malware.

Learn more about why some sites are not supported.

Partially Supported Sites:

Affiliate networks are only supported if your landing page or offer page has Google Analytics installed. This includes most major affiliate networks like Clickbank, CJ and others.

Refund for non-supported sites:

If your site is not supported, you can request a full refund by contacting us and providing the following information:

1. The non-supported platform your website is hosted on (For example, Wix.com, Amazon.com, Twitch.com)

2. Your order ID or email used to place the order

Once our team receives your refund request, we'll provide the refund and reply with a confirmation within 48 hours. Please note, most banks take 7 - 9 business days to process refunds. 

If your website is supported and you are still not seeing traffic

Follow these steps so our team can help troubleshoot and fix your traffic issue:

Step 1: Verify your traffic using Google Analytics. You may be using another analytics program but note that not all analytics programs can accurately reflect traffic. We recommend customers use Google Analytics as it's the industry standard

Step 2: If you are not seeing traffic in Google Analytics, please email us at support@adintent.net and provide us with the following screenshots depending on your Google Analytics version:

Google Analytics 3 screenshot:


Google Analytics 4 screenshot:

google analytics 4 troubleshooting screenshot

In the same email, please also provide us your Google Analytics Measurement ID, which looks like the following formats depending on your Google Analytics version:

Google Analytics 3: UA-XXXXXXXX-X

Google Analytics 4: G-XXXXXXXXX

Step 3: Once we've received your troubleshooting email, our team will be able to rebuild your project and confirm that your project has been fixed within 48 hours.



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